Many times families want to include additional inscriptions on a memorial long after it has been put in place. This is especially true for companion memorials but there are also occasions when a family simply wants to add an additional inscription to a memorial. 

American Monumental Company’s artisans can inscribe additional lettering and design onto your loved one’s memorial right at the grave site. We do not need to disturb the monument or grave site. We understand the importance of having a beautiful place of tribute for your loved one and we will work with you when engraving new inscriptions to make sure they are exactly what you want. Whether you purchased the original memorial from us or another manufacturer, our craftsmen are able to match the layout and style of the existing inscription. 

We treat every memorial like a work of art and we promise that inscribing your loved one’s memorial is no different. We will take care to match the existing carving in a way that only a true artisan can.