Asian Headstones

Asian Headstones in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and more. A memorial is not just about paying tribute an individual but also about respecting a culture and religion. The San Francisco Bay Area has a large and diverse Asian population with many different customs and traditions. American Monumental has a long history of working with Bay Area Asian communities to create traditional monuments.

We have designed and hand-crafted monuments for hundreds of Asian families. American Monumental works with all the Asian Cemeteries in the Bay Area and knows each one’s individual requirements. As we design the monument for your loved one, we can ensure that it is a respectful tribute that commemorates your heritage and stays true to the requirements of the grave site. 

Our craftsmen are quite skilled at carving Asian characters and American Monumental Company is knowledgeable about the specific components that are usually incorporated into an Asian monument. We will work with your family to ensure that your loved one is properly honored and that your family’s religion and culture is respectfully incorporated into the monument.