Private Family Mausoleums

A mausoleum is an architectural tribute to a family and its heritage. It is a private and sheltered place where you can honor your family members who have passed on. While a private family mausoleum is not suitable for every family, there has been an increase in demand for mausoleums. If your family is considering a mausoleum you will want to be sure to work with a company of talented artisans and craftsmen that has the experience necessary to create this kind of memorial. American Monumental Company is that company – as a family owned business with a rich history and a solid reputation, we can work with your family to create a private family mausoleum that suits your family’s specific needs.

When considering a mausoleum, it is often helpful to look at a number of different details as you decide on your family needs:

  • Mausoleums provide families clean, above ground interment and a private space for loved ones to visit.
  • Additional markers and the expenses of in-ground entombment are unnecessary.
  • Mausoleums can be purchased before they are needed providing reduction of estate taxes and the ability to make a sound and well considered investment.
  • American Monumental custom designs each mausoleum to ensure a meaningful and lasting tribute that honors not just an individual but a family.

American Monumental Company has designed and created a number of private family mausoleums including those of Joe DiMaggio and Rhoda Goldman, the late scion of the Levi Strauss family. We understand how to translate the values and history of a family into a lasting structure that also honors and celebrates the family.