Bronze Plaques

Bronze plaques and signage are durable works of art. They are elegant pieces that can withstand the elements and have an air of sophistication. 

American Monumental Company is experienced in bronze plaques and signage and will work with you to choose the perfect piece. Our bronze plaques are beautiful with exquisite attention to detail. We work with two bronze manufacturers, each with more than 100 years in the bronze industry, and because of their experience we know the craftsmanship of these plaques matches our own high standards. 

Bronze plaques and signage can be customized to achieve the look and feel you desire. American Monumental is experienced in bronze plaques and when customizing them, we have an eye for detail and artistry. Bronze plaques can be tailored to your needs based on size, style, lettering and more. They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor areas and can be fabricated for installations on numerous types of sites from building to boulders.